International Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology

Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017

  • Effect of Combined Processing Methods on the Proximate and Mineral Composition of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) Flour

    Nwanekezi Emmanuel C., Ubbaonu Collins N., Arukwe Dorothy C.

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017
    Pages: 73-79
    Received: 10 April 2017
    Accepted: 21 April 2017
    Published: 15 June 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijfsb.20170203.11
    Abstract: The combined effects of different processing methods on the proximate and mineral composition of pigeon pea flour samples were investigated. The pigeon pea seeds were soaked (control), soaked and boiled, soaked and fermented, soaked, boiled and fermented, soaked and sprouted, soaked sprouted and boiled, soaked, sprouted and fermented and soaked, sp... Show More
  • Occurrence of Filamentous Fungi in Human Milk, Infant Formula and Milk-Based Products for Young Children Nutrition

    Karina Merini Tonon, Mercedes Gabriela Ratto Reiter, Geovana Dagostim Savi, Vildes Maria Scussel

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017
    Pages: 80-86
    Received: 12 May 2017
    Accepted: 26 May 2017
    Published: 10 July 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijfsb.20170203.12
    Abstract: The safety of foods (human milk-HM; infant formula-IF; milk-based products-MBPs) aimed for children nutrition (from birth to 5 years old) through filamentous fungi & yeasts were investigated (n = 158). Their analysis followed the ISO 6611: 2004 recommended for total load (isolation & enumeration) in milk and dairy products. The occurrence of filame... Show More
  • Pancake Formulations Based on Plantain Flour (Musa AAB)

    Ngoh Newilah Gérard Bertin, Nafack Tsazeu Judicael Boris, Tembe Tembe Jonas, Nkouandou Mama, Ngombi Ngombi Eric, Asseng Charles Carnot

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017
    Pages: 87-96
    Received: 1 June 2017
    Accepted: 19 June 2017
    Published: 26 July 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijfsb.20170203.13
    Abstract: In order to contribute to the reduction of postharvest losses of bananas and plantains and to diversify uses of plantain in Cameroon, flours obtained from a local plantain cultivar (Big ebanga) were used for pancakes production. The results of physicochemical parameters of flours varied significantly (P ... Show More
  • Toxic Effects of Coralene Red XF and Remazol Red RR Textile Dyes on Liver and Kidney in Mice

    Mohammad Farhadur Rahman, Nargish Jahan Ara, Bishnu Pada Dey, Mohammad Zakir Sultan

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017
    Pages: 97-102
    Received: 18 June 2017
    Accepted: 29 June 2017
    Published: 31 July 2017
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijfsb.20170203.14
    Abstract: Adulterated food is a silent killer. Dishonest traders used textile dyes as adulterant in different foods as unethical practices. Moreover, textile industries also throw waste dye as effluent in ground water. In this study, we investigated the toxic effects of two textile dyes Coralene Red XF and Remazol Red RR by in vivo experiments in mice. Mice ... Show More