English Language, Literature & Culture

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016

  • Cultural Hauntings in Toni Morrison's Beloved (1987)

    Mohammad Shaaban Ahmad Deyab

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016
    Pages: 13-20
    Received: 25 July 2016
    Accepted: 18 August 2016
    Published: 7 September 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ellc.20160103.11
    Abstract: African American writers’ preoccupation with supernatural elements such as ghosts stems not from an interest in Gothic themes, but in a new genre in American literature termed as "the story of cultural haunting.” The objective of this paper is to discuss Morrison’s choice of a ghost to play the part of connecting past with the present in her novel,... Show More
  • Language Attitudes and the Issue of Dominance: The Nigerian Experience

    Tajudeen Afolabi Alebiosu

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016
    Pages: 21-29
    Received: 18 August 2016
    Accepted: 30 August 2016
    Published: 18 September 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ellc.20160103.12
    Abstract: Globalization is affecting all facets of life. With eco-tourism and telecommunication technology providing information for all and sundry, our attitudes are bound to be affected linguistically. Ranging from the linguistic bias of an English woman who objected to the checking of a pronouncing dictionary because “the way I speak is English” Hayakawa ... Show More
  • Impact of Transculturalism and Globalization on the Concepts of Oral Literature and “Ubuntugogy” as Educational Paradigms for African Liberation and Development in the 21st Century

    Francis Mowang Ganyi, Jayne Ise Owan

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016
    Pages: 30-39
    Received: 31 August 2016
    Accepted: 12 September 2016
    Published: 29 September 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ellc.20160103.13
    Abstract: The concepts of transculturalism and globalization have, of late, occupied the front burner in discourses of many disciplines the world over as peoples and institutions examine, not just the potency but also the relevance of the concepts to their existence and well-being. In many educational institutions, the concepts have formed the basis or theme... Show More