Earth Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018

  • Impact of Tailings on Surrounding Streams at a Mining Area in Sierra Leone

    Ishmail Sheriff, Eldred Tunde Taylor, Alusine Bai Kamara, Abdul Sannoh

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018
    Pages: 202-208
    Received: 18 July 2018
    Accepted: 8 August 2018
    Published: 6 September 2018
    Abstract: Access to clean water and sanitation is the centerpiece of Africa water vision 2025 and Goal six (6) of the 2030 UN agenda for Sustainable Development. Considering the current national WASH regulatory structures in Sierra Leone, meeting these targets enshrined in the policy documents would be a critical challenge for the government. The overarching... Show More
  • The Traditional Knowledge Associated to Biodiversity in an Age of Climate Change

    Lun Yin, Misiani Zachary, Yanyan Zheng

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018
    Pages: 209-215
    Received: 1 August 2018
    Accepted: 21 August 2018
    Published: 15 September 2018
    Abstract: Climate change has largely influenced the biodiversity in the world, as the biodiversity hotspots areas are often also rich in cultural diversity, the local peoples have rich traditional knowledge associated to biodiversity, and these knowledge also provide alternative information about climate variability and climate change based on the experience... Show More
  • Coupled Flow Simulation and Geomechanical Modeling on CO2 Storage in a Saline Aquifer

    Lu Ji

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018
    Pages: 216-226
    Received: 23 July 2018
    Accepted: 3 September 2018
    Published: 28 September 2018
    Abstract: As an option to mitigate the increasing level of greenhouse gas emission, a number of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) testing and pilot projects have been brought up all over the world. In general, there are three types of CO2 storage formations, such as deep saline aquifers, depleted oil and gas reservoirs, and un-mineable coal seams. This study ... Show More
  • Assessing Accuracy of Vegetation Index Method to Estimate Actual Evapotranspiration

    Arturo Reyes-González, Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Todd Trooien, Christopher Hay, Laurent Ahiablame

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018
    Pages: 227-235
    Received: 15 August 2018
    Accepted: 11 September 2018
    Published: 11 October 2018
    Abstract: The estimation of actual crop evapotranspiration (ETa) maps using complex equations and remotely sensed shortwave and thermal infrared imagery can be challenging and may require input data that are not available. There is an opportunity, therefore to create a simpler and faster method to generate ETa maps using fewer input parameters for situations... Show More
  • Petro-Structural Characterization of Bonguen Area, Nyong Series, Cameroon: Insight into the Northern Extension of Kribi-Campo Shear Zone

    Kouankap Nono Gus Djibril, Njiosseu Tanko Evine Laure, Takodjou Wambo Jonas Didero, Kamguia Woguia Brice, Afahnwie Ngambu Aloysius, Fomena Tchinda Hermann, Folah Mewa Cathy Laurianne

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2018
    Pages: 236-241
    Received: 22 September 2018
    Accepted: 10 October 2018
    Published: 24 October 2018
    Abstract: The west Bonguen area is located within latitudes 03°25’N to N03°39’N and longitudes 10°04’E to 10°09’ E in South Cameroon. It belongs to the Nyong Series which is the north-western extension of the Congo Craton in Cameroon. In order to highlight the extension of the Kribi-Campo shear zone, petrographic studies and structural analysis were carried ... Show More