Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2014

  • Screening of Some Varieties of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogea L.) Against Rosette Disease in Nigerian Sudan Savanna

    Hayatu, Mohammed, Kutama A. S., Auyo, M. I., Umar S., M. L. Umar

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2014
    Pages: 14-19
    Received: 12 December 2013
    Published: 20 March 2014
    Abstract: Rosette has been a constraint to the production of groundnut in the existing farming system which contributes to the poor productivity of this crop. This trial was conducted in the screen-house of IITA Kano station, Nigeria to screen some groundnut varieties to rosette disease. The following parameters were measured during the trial such as chlorop... Show More
  • Phylogenetic and Morphological Investigation of a Dunaliella Strain Isolated from Yuncheng Salt Lake, China

    Feipeng Wang, Jia Feng, Shulian Xie

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2014
    Pages: 20-26
    Received: 5 April 2014
    Accepted: 24 April 2014
    Published: 30 April 2014
    Abstract: A Dunaliella strain was isolated from Yuncheng Salt Lake, Shanxi, China (111.05°E, 35.03°N). Morphological characteristics and molecular data were used to evaluate the relationship of this algal strain to other Dunaliella strains. Morphology of the isolated strain observed was close to Dunaliella salina. Phylogenetic trees were constructed from rbc... Show More