Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2014

  • Importance of Wheat Stem Rust (Puccinia Graminis F.Sp. Tritici) in Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia

    Tolessa Taye, Chemada Fininsa, Getaneh Woldeab

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2014
    Pages: 1-5
    Received: 4 December 2013
    Published: 20 February 2014
    Abstract: Wheat (Triticum spp) is the most important cereals in Ethiopia, is threatened by abiotic and biotic constraints. Among the biotic, stem rust (Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici) is one of the major limitations of wheat production. Information on the occurrence and reaction of cultivars to stem rust in Guji zone was unknown. Survey was conducted in Bor... Show More