American Journal of Modern Physics

Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2020

  • Comparison of the Methods of Calculation of Measurements Standardization on the Outdoor Photovoltaic Modules

    Fatou Dia, Oumar Absatou Niasse, Bassirou Ba, Cheikh Sene

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2020
    Pages: 41-47
    Received: 27 January 2016
    Accepted: 3 February 2016
    Published: 17 July 2020
    Abstract: To compare the performance of PV modules, it was required to translate the measured I - V characteristics, to use certain standard conditions. The International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) has defined the standard test condition (STC) for PV modules with 1000 W/m2 irradiance with AM 1.5 and 25°C module temperature. The IEC has also published s... Show More
  • On the Semi-classical Approach to the Physical Axiomatic of Quantum Mechanics and the New Wave-Particle Interpretation of Light

    Andrei Nechayev

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2020
    Pages: 48-54
    Received: 19 June 2020
    Accepted: 13 July 2020
    Published: 28 July 2020
    Abstract: A new approach to the physical axiomatic of quantum mechanics is proposed. The basis of this approach is the rejection of the idea of an electron as a point particle. To describe the dynamics of the material substance of the electron, a new AMT (Action-Matter-Transfer) equation based on the Hamilton-Jacobi equation is proposed. This nonlinear equat... Show More