International Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021

  • Erythritol Chemical Structure, Biosynthesis Pathways, Properties, Applications, and Production

    Osama Ibrahim

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 59-70
    Received: 21 June 2021
    Accepted: 2 July 2021
    Published: 9 July 2021
    Abstract: Erythritol is a natural four carbon sugar alcohol present in fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and in fermented foods. It is low calorie sweetener manufactured commercially by fermentation using osmophilic yeasts and yeasts-like fungi. Some filamentous fungi and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria demonstrated on laboratory scale the production of ... Show More
  • Rapid Quantitative PCR Assay for the Detection of the Three Vaginal Pathogens Candida, Gardnerella and Atopobium as well as the Commensal Lactobacillus Genera

    Stephanie Bornes, Olivier Camarès, Marylise Paquet-Gachinat, Philippe Veisseire, Jacques Ravel, Caroline Dausset, Adrien Nivoliez

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 71-77
    Received: 12 July 2021
    Accepted: 27 July 2021
    Published: 4 August 2021
    Abstract: The vaginal microbiota balance is quite fragile and susceptible to the development of vaginosis and candidiasis. The current diagnostic method for bacterial vaginosis relies on the evaluation of different bacterial morphotypes using the Nugent score. This method is only partially in correlation with a DNA sequencing-based diagnostic or Amsel criter... Show More
  • Regulation and Activity Evaluation of Secondary Metabolism of an Oyster Symbiotic Fungus Schizophyllum sp. YS-08

    Huannan Wang, Maocai Yan, Mengdi Liang, Xiujian Wei, Zhao Shang, Zhen Zhang

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 78-85
    Received: 15 July 2021
    Accepted: 29 July 2021
    Published: 9 August 2021
    Abstract: Marine microorganisms are the important resources for natural drug discovery. However, most of genes are usually in silent and could not express under the condition of traditional culture, which limits the discovery of lead compounds. In the present research, marine fungus Schizophyllum sp. YS-08 was selected as the research object, which was from ... Show More
  • New Phylogenetic Molecular Markers in Bacteria of the Genus Bacillus: Fibrinolytic Proteases

    Nguimbi Etienne, Soloka Mabika Faly Armel, Dibangou Valentin, Nzaou Stech Anomène Eckzechel, Kayath Aimé Christian, Moyen Rachel

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 86-94
    Received: 7 February 2021
    Accepted: 16 March 2021
    Published: 18 August 2021
    Abstract: The fibrinolytic proteases developed by bacteria have become substances of medical interest, as they have been recognized as antithrombotic substances in the blood. It is in this context that a study has been carried out with the aim of studying the fibrinolytic proteases produced by bacteria isolated from food in the Congo. Four strains of bacteri... Show More