Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020

  • Method for the Rapid Replacement of the Travis Spur Rail Bridge over I-278 Highway

    Mina Aziz Mikaeel, Dan Keppeler, Rasool Attar, Ioannis Sokratis Drakatos, Charalampos Karvelas

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020
    Pages: 1-10
    Received: 8 December 2019
    Accepted: 13 January 2020
    Published: 4 February 2020
    Abstract: Rise in traffic volumes of urban highways over the last decades has led to an increasing need for widening both highways and access roads. The present case study deals with the replacement of the Travis Spur Rail Bridge to allow for larger width of roadways that lead to and away from the New Goethals Bridge, which connects Elizabeth, New Jersey, to... Show More
  • Stakeholder Participation in Project Initiation: A Foundation to Completion of Urban Road Transport Infrastructure Projects, Kenya

    Johnson Matu, Dorothy Ndunge Kyalo, John Mbugua, Angeline Sabina Mulwa

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020
    Pages: 11-19
    Received: 9 November 2019
    Accepted: 7 December 2019
    Published: 24 March 2020
    Abstract: Cost overrun and delays are major impediments to project completion in road construction industry globally. Stakeholder participation in construction cycle could present a solution to these challenges. The purpose of this study was therefore, to examine the influence of stakeholder participation in project initiation on completion of urban road tra... Show More