Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018

  • Achieving Sustainability in Commercial Buildings in Nigeria: The FM Approach

    Olaniyi Olayinka, Smith Andrew

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018
    Pages: 1-4
    Received: 23 November 2017
    Accepted: 4 December 2017
    Published: 17 January 2018
    Abstract: People around the world are beginning to aspire to live and work in sustainable buildings (SBs), that is, buildings that are comfortable, healthy and have low impact on the environment. However, many buildings in Nigeria, particularly commercial buildings, are far from being comfortable and healthy. Many are in a state of deterioration due to poor ... Show More
  • Applicability of Surveying Professional Practice in Land Use Planning for Community Land Conflict Extrication in Mbeya Rural Area

    Ramadhani Said Tekka

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018
    Pages: 5-9
    Received: 22 December 2017
    Accepted: 6 January 2018
    Published: 19 January 2018
    Abstract: Land conflict has been noted to be an intervening phenomenon for quite longer as it has caused many misunderstanding, competition and violence between different society group as well as adjacent land owners. Different factors has been noted in different literatures related to land conflict like scarcity of resource (water, land, pasture), policies,... Show More
  • Variation of Ambient air Quality Scenario in Chittagong City: A Case Study of Air Pollution

    M. Arif Hossen, Asiful Hoque

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018
    Pages: 10-16
    Received: 30 December 2017
    Accepted: 8 February 2018
    Published: 8 March 2018
    Abstract: Chittagong, the commercial capital of Bangladesh, is experiencing crucial health impacts resulting from deficient air quality. The ambient air quality data for particulate matter as well as criteria of gaseous pollutants were assembled during December 2013 to December 2015 from the Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAMS) located at Agrabad... Show More
  • Non-parametric Mann-Kendall Test Statistics for Rainfall Trend Analysis in Some Selected States within the Coastal Region of Nigeria

    Ihimekpen Ngozi Isioma, Ilaboya Idowu Rudolph, Awah Lauretta Omena

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018
    Pages: 17-28
    Received: 16 January 2018
    Accepted: 5 February 2018
    Published: 15 March 2018
    Abstract: A central factor in the modelling and analysis of the trend is the ability to establish whether a change or trend is present in the climatological record and to quantify this trend if it is present. The trend in a time series data can be expressed by a suitable linear (parametric) or nonlinear (non-parametric) model depending on the behaviour of th... Show More
  • Causes of Non-Prioritization of Infrastructure Projects in the Gaza Strip

    Nabil El-Sawalhi, Mohammed Salah Sarhan

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018
    Pages: 29-38
    Received: 25 February 2018
    Accepted: 10 March 2018
    Published: 8 April 2018
    Abstract: Infrastructure projects are the backbone of the economy of the developed counties. Gaza Strip is suffering from non-prioritization of infrastructure project implementation. The objective of this paper was to identify the causes of non-prioritization infrastructure projects in the Gaza Strip. This paper considers the key causes of non-prioritizing i... Show More