American Journal of Entomology

Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022

  • Biodiversity, Abundance of Flies (Diptera: Brachycera) Attracted by Fresh Flesh and Identification of Medical or Forensic Important Species in Douala (Cameroon)

    Romaine Magloire Fantio, Edith Laure Kenne, Andrea Sahara Kenne Toukem, Sedrick Junior Tsekane, Patrick Steve Tuekam-Kowa, Abdel Kayoum Yomon, Stevie Ange Tanekeng Tsayem, Martin Kenne

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 49-71
    Received: 27 June 2022
    Accepted: 12 July 2022
    Published: 20 July 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.aje.20220603.11
    Abstract: In tropical countries some non-biting flies alone or in combination cause myiasis infections. Nowaday, myiasis cases are increasing in urban and rural areas but nothing is known concerning the composition and structure of the responsible flies’ assemblages. Our study aimed to establish a baseline of information on the distribution of non-biting fli... Show More
  • Inventory of Litter Insects in Traditional Automatic Watering Poultry Buildings in Côte d'Ivoire

    Jacques Leonce Kouame Yao, Jean Pierre Boga, Jean Baptiste Gnelie Gnahoua, Hassane Dao, Tano Yao

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 72-78
    Received: 15 June 2022
    Accepted: 4 August 2022
    Published: 24 August 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.aje.20220603.12
    Abstract: Livestock farming, which is a sub-sector of agriculture, is a rapidly growing activity, with a contribution of about 4.5% to agricultural gross domestic product (GDP) and 2% to total GDP. The objective of this work was to inventory the insects associated with the litter of poultry farm buildings with automatic watering in Côte d'Ivoire. To achieve ... Show More
  • Three New Species of Pseudoeriopsylla (Hemiptera-Psylloidea-Homotomidae) Associated with Ficus spp. (Moraceae) from Western Cameroon

    Victor Joly Dzokou, Laurentine Soufo, Yves Patrick Ndankeu Mveyo, Wenceslas Yana, Joseph Lebel Tamesse

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 79-87
    Received: 17 April 2022
    Accepted: 3 May 2022
    Published: 27 August 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.aje.20220603.13
    Abstract: Without the continuous investigation on biodiversity, many species would be at risk of disappearing without ever being known and described. The local fauna inventory should constitute an important basis to reach the objectives defined in the Convention on Biological Diversity. This convention adopted during the summit of Rio de Janeiro in 1992, rec... Show More
  • Biting Dipterous Insects Associated with Household in a Bali Community Taraba State, Nigeria

    Babatunde Tajudeen Lamidi, Wama Binga Emmanuel

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022
    Pages: 88-93
    Received: 16 August 2022
    Accepted: 30 August 2022
    Published: 14 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.aje.20220603.14
    Abstract: Insects are groups of arthropods found almost everywhere, including human dwellings. The aim of this study was to investigate species of dipterous biting insects associated with household in Aungwan Adamu community Bali, Taraba state. The insects were collected using CDC light trap placed indoor and outdoor during wet season of the year 2021. Morph... Show More