American Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering

Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2019

  • A Case Study: The Urban Residents’ Choice for Electric Vehicles Warning Sounds

    Mia Suhanek, Ivan Djurek, Antonio Petosic

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 47-51
    Received: 18 September 2019
    Accepted: 15 October 2019
    Published: 23 October 2019
    Abstract: Nowadays, people are exposed to noise on a daily basis. Therefore, in an overvibrant urban environments electrical vehicles operating at low speed are too quiet to be detected by pedestrians (especially vulnerable group are visually impaired people) and urban residents in general. Thus, electric vehicle warning sounds are sounds created to alert an... Show More
  • Characteristics of Geological Nature of Inverted Ring Structures in the Limited Area of the Arctic Regions of the West Siberia as a Criterion of Petroleum Potential

    Arkadiy Kurchikov, Vladimir Borodkin, Andrey Lukashov, Anton Nedosekin, Oleg Smirnov

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 52-59
    Received: 2 April 2019
    Accepted: 28 May 2019
    Published: 28 October 2019
    Abstract: The subject of study and research of seismic artifacts, which include the study of abnormal seismic records is related to the history of tectonic development, fluid dynamic processes in the sedimentary cover interval, distribution of the thermobaric effects from formation fluid flow, upflow hydrocarbon migration and other features of the evolution ... Show More
  • Assessment of Potential Risk due to Accidental Melting of Scrap Metal Containing Depleted Uranium Using a Computational Method

    Elsayeda Farid Salem, Mohamed Abdelati, Kamel Mohamed El Kourghly

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 60-65
    Received: 26 January 2019
    Accepted: 3 April 2019
    Published: 31 October 2019
    Abstract: Depleted uranium (DU) has a beneficial use, such as ballast in aircraft and radiation shielding. Due to the chemical and radiological toxicity it may have adverse consequences to human health, particularly if it enters the body through inhalation, ingestion or wounding. One significant problem area, when working with DU, comes from finely divided a... Show More