American Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering

Special Issue

Environmental Sustainable Technology

  • Submission Deadline: 30 April 2022
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Fakhrul Hasan
About This Special Issue
Main focus area of this special issue is to get some good quality research paper based on Environmental Sustainable Technology. Because now a days organizations are looking for this issue seriously and they realize that without sustainable technology it will be difficult to run the business in the current situation. The main aim of this special issue is to see whether there is any concrete evidence that, through publishing Environmental report companies are fulfil the government reporting requirements. Which is one sense is we can call it corporate social responsibility (CSR). Organizations regardless any kind of, have to be environmentally friendly, otherwise they will breach the government low, to do that there is no alternative rather introduce Environmental Sustainable Technology.
In this current special issue, we are looking for papers, which are concentrating Environmental Sustainable Technology in different industries and in different way. We are expecting papers from all disciplines, including science, business, economic and social perspective. This special issue will substantially improve current literature in the area of Environmental Sustainable Technology. Because if we look at previous literature then we can see that there are still larger gap exists in this area of literature. We hope that this special issue will remove those gaps or narrow down those gaps in the literature.

Research Subjects:

  1. (1)Sustainable production
  2. (2)Climate change
  3. (3)Energy efficiency
  4. (4)Renewable energies
  5. (5)Health and technology
  6. (6)Recycling and circular economy
  7. (7)Green manufacturing
  8. (8)Sustainable consumer behaviour
  9. (9)Resource depletion
  10. (10)Environmental engineering and management
  11. (11)Ecology
  12. (12)Social responsibility in production
  13. (13)Governance and sustainability
  14. Keywords:

    1. Environment
    2. Sustainable
    3. Technology
    4. Report
    5. Government
    6. CSR
Lead Guest Editor
  • Fakhrul Hasan

    Department of Accounting and Financial Management, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, Newcastle, United Kingdom