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Art Education Practices in Special Education

Submission deadline: Jun. 01, 2024
Status: Open for Submission
Special Issue of Education Journal
The subject of the special issue has been determined as "Art Education Practices In Special Education." Aims to contribute to the use of art education in special education internationally. In line with this purpose, it aims to serve the dissemination of the knowledge obtained from scientific studies to reveal application examples in the field and contribute to the solution of the problems experienced.
The focus is on the use of artistic activities in the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, social, affective and independent life skills of individuals and children in need of special education. It is aimed to be a resource on which activities and which gains can be achieved with individuals with special needs through art.
All kinds of scientific studies based on art education (music, visual art, dance, drama related to the education of individuals with special needs (mental disability, learning disability, language disorder, autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities, chronic diseases, emotional-behavioral disorders, multiple disabilities, special talents) are evaluated. Studies aimed at supporting the social competencies and functional academic skills of individuals with special needs through purposeful activities such as music, movement, dance, painting and drama will be accepted.


  1. Special Education
  2. Music Education
  3. Visual Art Education
  4. Dance Education
  5. Drama Education
  6. Art Theraphy
  7. Dance Theraphy
  8. Music Theraphy
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