American Journal of Management Science and Engineering

Special Issue

Creating Real-life and Workplace Atmospheres for MBA Students During Their Learning Journey

  • Submission Deadline: Mar. 31, 2023
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Chinny Nzekwe-Excel
About This Special Issue
This Special Issue is interdisciplinary in content and methodology from a broad range of business management studies in the context of professional practice. The MBA Program is one of the most rewarding business educational programs. It creates an opportunity for learners to learn business concepts and to develop business & management experiences, which are further accentuated by undertaking an applied research project that provides practical solutions to an identified business problem and in some cases, within a specific organization. Thus, it can be argued that MBA graduates can compete for the growing demands from organizations and highly selective employers who seek for graduates who can effectively transfer acquired knowledge & skills. While achieving an MBA may seem attractive, it is a demonstration of the application of the knowledge and skills gained that paves an opening into a specific role in an organization. More precisely, since the MBA degree continues to be a globally recognized and sought-after qualification, effort needs to be made towards making the MBA Program better relevant in today’s competitive workplace and organizational culture & challenges, as well as widening the capacity of the program to reach a broader mix of learners, which goes beyond practitioners within specific organizations.
Therefore, this Special Issue calls for studies that are focused on bridging the gap of developing and harnessing employability skills in students as they undertake their MBA study, as well as creating capable & confident graduates, who are ready for organizational expectations and workplace practices. This call invites studies aimed at demonstrating opportunities towards creating real-life and workplace atmospheres for MBA students on how to interpret customer insights, engage in teamwork by working with a diversity of individuals, and to leverage different skills, as well as inspire creative solutions.
Our aim is to add to the body of knowledge by providing empirical evidence in this regard. Consequently, insights and investigations on how the MBA program/ curriculum can be further enhanced, in terms of its development, outcomes of learning, career progression, and cross-industry collaborations, are being sought.

List of Topics:

  1. Business Management
  2. Creating Capable and Confident Graduates
  3. Creating Global Learning Experiences
  4. Creative Real-life Solutions
  5. Developing and Harnessing Employability Skills
  6. Interpretation of Customer Insights
  7. MBA
  8. Practical Applications And Workable Solutions of Theoretical Concepts
  9. Strategic Planning
  10. Workplace/ Community Engagement
  11. Work Placement Components
Lead Guest Editor
  • Chinny Nzekwe-Excel

    Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, United Kingdom