American Journal of Physics and Applications

Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2016

  • A Parametric Analysis on the Sound Absorbing Performance of the Locally Resonant Sonic Material Using a Mass-Damper-Spring Model

    Bo Yuan, Min Jiang, Miao He, Shuai Tang, Li Zhang, Minglin Tu

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2016
    Pages: 124-133
    Received: 11 July 2016
    Accepted: 20 July 2016
    Published: 3 August 2016
    Abstract: The locally resonant sonic material (LRSM) is a kind of structural composite. Such composite typically consists of an elastic matrix periodically embedded with metallic spheres, which are coated with soft rubber. Owing to its capability of controlling the low frequency sound, the LRSM has a promising prospect in the application of underwater acoust... Show More
  • Thermal Performance of Electrocaloric Refrigeration using Thermal Switches of Fluid Motion and Changing Contact Conductance

    Shigeki Hirasawa, Tsuyoshi Kawanami, Katsuaki Shirai

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 5, September 2016
    Pages: 134-139
    Received: 19 September 2016
    Published: 19 September 2016
    Abstract: Thermal performance of electrocaloric refrigeration system composed with a thin electrocaloric material and thermal switches was numerically calculated. Two types of thermal switches were studied: a thermal switch of fluid motion and a thermal switch by changing the contact thermal conductance. The following results were obtained. For the thermal s... Show More