International Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology

Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2020

  • Prevalence and Presentation of Diabetes-Related Hypoglycemia Amongst Persons with Diabetes in a Tertiary Health Instition in Nigeria

    Ohenhen Oluwatoyin Abisoye, Uwameiye Oseribhor

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2020
    Pages: 34-40
    Received: 23 November 2019
    Accepted: 22 July 2020
    Published: 18 August 2020
    Abstract: Background: Hypoglycaemia is the most common acute complication of Diabetes Mellitus and often treatment-limiting, serious adverse effect of intensive diabetes therapy. Although it is preventable, hypoglycaemic episodes, especially if severe or recurrent may result in significant psychosocial dysfunction and lower quality of life. Aim: To determine... Show More
  • Role of Comprehensive Diabetes Care in Known Diabetes Patients from Vidarbha Region

    Rohit Sane, Rahul Mandole, Gurudatta Anand Amin, Pravin Ghadigaokar, Sneha Paranjape, Komal Vasnik, Sumera Sabir, Rupali Kaware, Rakesh Kukade

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2020
    Pages: 41-46
    Received: 13 July 2020
    Accepted: 27 July 2020
    Published: 3 September 2020
    Abstract: Introduction: Number of patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) have been doubled in past few decades. India is particularly facing impending massive rise in number of diabetic cases, and therefore India is termed as Diabetes capital of the world by most of the clinicians. Worryingly, prevalence in Vidarbha region in India is rising and its figure as ... Show More
  • Role of Supplementations of Combined Vitamins with Minerals on Iodine Status in Pregnant Women in Bulgaria

    Anna-Maria Borissovа, Ludmila Ivanova, Boyana Trifonova, Lilia Dakovska, Eugenia Mihailova, Mircho Vukov

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2020
    Pages: 47-53
    Received: 10 September 2020
    Accepted: 6 October 2020
    Published: 13 October 2020
    Abstract: Underestimating the risk of iodine deficiency among the population and its impact on high risk groups such as pregnant women and children creates a serious problem for the health care system. The aim of the present study is to establish the current iodine status in pregnant women in Bulgaria and to clarify the importance of additional supplementati... Show More