American Journal of Laboratory Medicine

Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2021

  • Health System Delay in the Treatment of Tuberculosis Patients in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Kenaw Tegegne Tefera, Fasil Wagnew, Yihalem Abebe Belay, Dawit Eyayu, Daniel Bekele Ketema

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2021
    Pages: 42-57
    Received: 10 May 2021
    Accepted: 5 July 2021
    Published: 13 July 2021
    Abstract: Delay in diagnosis and initiation of effective treatment associated with an increase in morbidity, mortality, and ongoing person-to-person transmission in the community at large. Several studies have been conducted in Ethiopia; however, studies assessing the health system's delay in treating tuberculosis patients have yielded inconsistent and incon... Show More
  • Nurses Knowledge, Practice, and Associated Factors Toward Prevention of Surgical Site Infection in Benishangul Gumuz Hospitals Northwest Ethiopia 2021

    Paulos Jaleta, Mulugeta Adimasu, Muluwas Amentie

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2021
    Pages: 58-65
    Received: 30 July 2021
    Accepted: 9 August 2021
    Published: 18 August 2021
    Abstract: Introduction: Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is one of the most common types of Healthcare associated infection which is considered to be 20% to 25% of all infections. It is an infection which occurs within 30 days after a surgical procedure or up to one year in those surgical patients in which an implant has been placed in an organ. SSI were the le... Show More
  • Onychomycosis in the Military Hospital of Marrakesh: A Five-year Experience

    Fatima Babokh, Zineb Nassiri, El Mostafa El Mezouari, Redouane Moutaj

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2021
    Pages: 66-69
    Received: 25 July 2021
    Accepted: 10 August 2021
    Published: 27 August 2021
    Abstract: Onychomycosis is a nail fungal infection caused by dermatophytes, becoming one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in mycological dermatology in Morocco. The purpose of this work is to describe the epidemiology of onychomycosis and to specify the most frequently isolated fungal agents in the Avicenna Military Hospital of Marrakesh. This i... Show More