American Journal of Nano Research and Applications

Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2018

  • Effect of Thermal Annealing on the Optical Properties of AgO Thin Films

    Rawia Abd Elgani, Abdelnabi Ali Elamin, Ali Sulaiman Mohamed, Amel Abdallah Ahmed Elfaki, Abdelsakh Suleman Mohamed, Nafisa Bader Eldeen, Bashir Elhaj Ahamed

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2018
    Pages: 67-69
    Received: 7 November 2018
    Accepted: 18 February 2019
    Published: 7 March 2019
    DOI: 10.11648/j.nano.20180604.11
    Abstract: The aim of this work to study the effect of the thermal annealing at(100, 150 and 200°C) on the optical properties of Ag O thin films. The samples were prepared on glass slides by chemical spray pyrolysis at 50°C.The optical characteristics such as absorption coefficient, optical energy gap, extinction coefficient and refractive index were investig... Show More