International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2019

  • Problem of Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

    George Vasilevich Skornyakov

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2019
    Pages: 1-3
    Received: 26 December 2018
    Accepted: 2 March 2019
    Published: 20 March 2019
    Abstract: Receipt of heat in a thermodynamic system is defined by a Pfaffian form. For the heat-insulated systems it is equal to zero. Cooling of such system as a result of cyclic change of external parameters is usually considered to be impossible. It is offered to carry out full transformation of heat of the environment to work by means of thermally hetero... Show More
  • Similarity Theory of Energy Conversion Processes

    Etkin Valeri Abramovich

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2019
    Pages: 4-11
    Received: 19 March 2019
    Accepted: 23 April 2019
    Published: 23 May 2019
    Abstract: On the basis of energodynamics as a unified theory of nonequilibrium processes of energy transfer and transformation, a theory of similarity of such processes is proposed. It includes dimensionless criteria of efficiency, constructive perfection and load of power plants and the criterial equations connecting these indicators. On its basis, universa... Show More