American Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2021

  • Parameters Influencing the Hot Dip Galvanizing Processes of Sheet Metal

    Atima Rose, Catherine Wandera, Excellence Favor

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 1-9
    Received: 26 June 2020
    Accepted: 13 July 2020
    Published: 10 March 2021
    Abstract: Galvanized carbon steel is one of the most used engineering material in industries, but its quality can be affected by the process parameters. The most common used galvanizing process is Hot Dip Galvanizing amongst others. The methods used were quantitative and qualitative for determining the parameters influencing galvanizing. The analytical techn... Show More
  • Determination the Structural Properties of Polystyrene (Cork) Doped by Aluminium Oxide Using the (XRD) Technique

    Tamador Almardi Albashier, Mahmoud Hamid Mahmoud Hilo, Abdalsakhi Suliman

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 10-19
    Received: 31 October 2020
    Accepted: 20 November 2020
    Published: 12 March 2021
    Abstract: The X-ray diffraction technique is one of the techniques that are widely and precisely used in determining the structural properties of materials through which materials can be developed and their areas of use increased, and Cork is considered one of the polymers of very low industrial value and is used only for secondary purposes such as packaging... Show More
  • Electron Impact Ionization Mass Spectra of 3-Amino 6-Chloro-2-methyl Quinazolin-4-(3H)-one Derivative

    Osarumwense Peter Osarodion, Omotade Treasure Ejodamen

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 20-25
    Received: 7 January 2021
    Accepted: 6 February 2021
    Published: 17 March 2021
    Abstract: Background: Looking at the previous studies on quinazolinones derivatives, only limited information’sare available on their massspectral along with the preparation of novel quinazolin-4-(3H)-one derivatives. Consolidation of Methyl-2-amino-4-Chlorobenzoate with acetic anhydride produced the cyclic compound 2-methyl 7-Chloro-1, 3-benzo-oxazine-4-one... Show More