American Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing

Volume 2, Issue 5, September 2017

  • Cell Viability Studies of Green Synthesised ZnO Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Properties

    G. Raghavendra, D. Mahija, T. Sreevani, Anilkumar Yamala, P. Hima Bindu

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 5, September 2017
    Pages: 56-60
    Received: 20 August 2017
    Accepted: 6 September 2017
    Published: 26 September 2017
    Abstract: The synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticls (ZnONP’s) using Ficus religiosa and Azadirachta indica leaves extracts has been presented in this work. Synthesis conditions were optimized for maximal and narrow size range synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles. Fine nanorods were formed. The resultant nanomaterials were characterized u... Show More
  • Evolution of Thermo-mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Silicon Alloy (Al-1wt%Si)

    Nursabah Sarikavakli, Syed Khalid Mustafa, Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 5, September 2017
    Pages: 61-64
    Received: 4 May 2017
    Accepted: 26 September 2017
    Published: 28 October 2017
    Abstract: In the present article, an attempt has been made for the study of thermo-mechanical properties of alloy sample (Al-1 wt%Si). The effect of this we find good results on the microstructure and hardness of our samples with an addition of 1-3 wt.% (Al-Si). The analyses by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) show that aging heat treatment promotes mi... Show More