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The Fundamental Use of Videoconferencing in Online Teaching

The usage of the VM apps poses a degree of vulnerability to multiple privacy and safety risks. Within this article are presented certain aspects related to the usage of such apps, what to consider when using them during the training procedure and video meetings. The date gathered based of this paper on the analysis of VM applications, the establishment of some common characteristics, their most important and useful characteristics have been highlighted. Videoconference apps have been successfully used within training sessions during the pandemic, without taking into consideration the security, privacy and massage of such technological tools. A survey was conducted on the security and vulnerability aspects of the applications used by the teacher. It was sought the degree of knowledge of these problems. It was seen that the discussions held in video format occupy over 60% of the multimedia methods used in online classes. The exceptional utilization increased utilization of VM apps, it should be noted that cyber security problems connected to such techniques should be given an increased attention. One cannot imagine a teaching-learning procedure without having an online video meeting. As such, in the following chapter, are detailed solutions for teleconferences and the security aspects adherent to such and we conducted on the degree of use of VM applications, the application of security techniques and recommendations for a better application of VM applications.

Education, Video Conferencing, Privacy, Abuse, Security

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Biclea Diana. (2022). The Fundamental Use of Videoconferencing in Online Teaching. American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 11(2), 31-37.

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Biclea Diana. The Fundamental Use of Videoconferencing in Online Teaching. Am. J. Softw. Eng. Appl. 2022, 11(2), 31-37. doi: 10.11648/j.ajsea.20221102.12

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Biclea Diana. The Fundamental Use of Videoconferencing in Online Teaching. Am J Softw Eng Appl. 2022;11(2):31-37. doi: 10.11648/j.ajsea.20221102.12

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