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The Importance and Necessity of Ensuring Food Safety

This article focuses on the need to ensure food safety. The results of large-scale reforms to ensure food security are reflected. On this topic, the results of scientific research conducted by leading economists of the countries of the world, and the measures taken by the countries of the world and the FAO organization to ensure food safety were studied. The concept of food security also requires the country to achieve independence and self-sufficiency in terms of basic food. Food independence means the possibility of providing the country's population with basic food products at the expense of domestic resources and production in an amount no less dangerous. Based on these opinions, in our opinion, the concept of food security is based on achieving food independence based on the self-sufficiency of the country in food products by harmonizing domestic sources of sustainable economic development and acceptable levels of imports necessary for citizens to have a reliable and stable physical (quantitative), economic and social access to high-quality and safe food products necessary to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle, in volumes not less than the expressed rational consumption norms established in the country. The study is based on the results of extensive analysis and observations based on scientific, theoretical and practical research. As a result of our scientific research, scientific and practical proposals and recommendations for ensuring food safety have been developed.

Food, Security, Economic Security, Population Consumption, Agricultural Products, Food Security, Population Income

Jаmshid Shаrаfetdinоvich Tukhtаbаev. (2023). The Importance and Necessity of Ensuring Food Safety. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, 12(5), 123-126.

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