International Journal of Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2018

  • Progress and Future of Breakthrough Low-carbon Steelmaking Technology (ULCOS) of EU

    Yan Junjie

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 15-22
    Received: 28 May 2018
    Accepted: 26 June 2018
    Published: 24 July 2018
    Abstract: The CO2 emitted by iron and steel industry accounts for 6% of the global anthropogenic CO2 emission. As the control of CO2 emission becomes increasingly stringent all over the world, the iron and steel industry now is facing an unprecedented crisis. And now even the most advanced technologies for reducing carbon emission have reached the bottleneck... Show More
  • Frequency Demodulation Analysis of Mine Reducer Vibration Signal

    Zhang Licai

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 23-28
    Received: 19 May 2018
    Accepted: 5 July 2018
    Published: 7 August 2018
    Abstract: The spectral structure complexity of the Mine Reducer vibration signal was analyzed. The basic theory of the vibration signal frequency demodulation analysis was introduced, The essential mode function which met the single component requirement was obtained by using Empirical mode decomposition in the Hilbert Huang Change. The instantaneous frequen... Show More
  • Technical Features and Research Progress of Separating Impurities in Producing Tantalum (Niobium) Oxide by Traditional Technology

    Huijuan Yan, Desheng Tang

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 29-36
    Received: 21 June 2018
    Accepted: 7 July 2018
    Published: 14 August 2018
    Abstract: In order to meet the demand for high purity tantalum and niobium products and to adapt to the complexity of tantalum niobium ore and waste in smelting, it was necessary to prepare high pure tantalum (niobium) oxide by traditional technology. In this paper, the process features, principles and functions of the decomposition, extraction, neutralizati... Show More
  • Upgrading of Phosphate Ore Wastes of El-Nasr Mining Company, Egypt

    Mohamed Abuel Kasem Mohamed, Galal Abd El Azim Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed Ebrahim Rizk, Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed El Nozahi, Nagui Aly Abdel-khalek, Hasan Bakheat

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2018
    Pages: 37-46
    Received: 25 July 2018
    Accepted: 14 August 2018
    Published: 8 October 2018
    Abstract: Phosphates are vital nonrenewable resources. The treatment of phosphate ore wastes of El-Nasr Mining Company, Sepaeya, Egypt aims to upgrade P2O5 percent, adds a new economic value, development of the Egyptian national income, and aids to clean the mine district. The main aim of this paper is to compare different processing alternatives methods to ... Show More