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Reflections on the Construction of China's Public Health Emergency System in the Post-Pandemic Era

Public health emergency refers to major infectious disease outbreaks, mass unexplained diseases, major food and occupational poisoning and other events affecting public health that occur suddenly and cause or may cause serious damage to the public health. This kind of event has the characteristics of suddenness, public attribute and serious harm, which can cause significant impact on national economy and social stability, and the completeness of public health emergency system plays an extremely important role in its prevention and control. The aim of this study is to analyze the current status of the development of health emergency management in China and the problems that exist in it, so as to provide a reference for the improvement, construction and implementation of the public health emergency management system. Cases of major and severe public health emergencies in China were analyzed along with the relevant health emergency management literature. China's public health emergency system gradually improved during the last decade. However, there are some shortcomings still exist in it, like early warning functions for infectious disease surveillance are unable to perform timely, lack of a unified information-sharing platform, shortage of public health manpower and so on. Constructing a sound and scientific emergency management mechanism is a lengthy and challenging process. Suggestions from five aspects: emergency management system, emergency protection, basic construction, disease control talents and public awareness are proposed to contribute to the further promotion of the construction and improvement of the emergency response system for public health emergencies in China.

Public Health Emergency, Emergency Management, System Construction, Post-Pandemic Era

APA Style

Shifan, W., Shiya, Z. (2023). Reflections on the Construction of China's Public Health Emergency System in the Post-Pandemic Era. World Journal of Public Health, 8(4), 300-304.

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Shifan, W.; Shiya, Z. Reflections on the Construction of China's Public Health Emergency System in the Post-Pandemic Era. World J. Public Health 2023, 8(4), 300-304. doi: 10.11648/j.wjph.20230804.17

AMA Style

Shifan W, Shiya Z. Reflections on the Construction of China's Public Health Emergency System in the Post-Pandemic Era. World J Public Health. 2023;8(4):300-304. doi: 10.11648/j.wjph.20230804.17

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