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Design of DDS Multi-waveform Generator Based on CPLD

Traditional Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) waveform generators were usually completed by DDS chips, which were expensive and poorly customizable. This paper proposed a CPLD-based DDS multi-waveform generator design. DDS was independently developed and programmed by VHDL language. The system could be interfaced with PC. The system was mainly divided into two parts: upper computer and lower computer. The upper computer part mainly included the main interface design of the system, the sending of control commands and the receiving part of data. The sending and receiving of commands and data was realized by serial communication. The upper computer part was programmed by High-level programming language named DELPHI. The lower computer part mainly included DDS design part, the reception of control commands and the transmission of data, etc., the lower computer part mainly adopt VHDL language to be programmed in CPLD. The DDS design part mainly included the design of the phase accumulator, the design of the ROM, the design of the D/A part, and the design of the low-pass filter. The system could adjust the frequency of the output waveform by adjusting the size of the frequency word, and adjust the waveform shape of the system output by adjusting the internal data of the ROM. Simulation and experimental results showed that: the DDS multi-waveform generator designed by CPLD could achieve the expected goal, and the work effect was good.

Waveform Generator, DDS, VHDL, System

APA Style

Li Hui, Li Jing, Li Ruofan, Wang Dongkun. (2021). Design of DDS Multi-waveform Generator Based on CPLD. Software Engineering, 9(3), 65-69.

ACS Style

Li Hui; Li Jing; Li Ruofan; Wang Dongkun. Design of DDS Multi-waveform Generator Based on CPLD. Softw. Eng. 2021, 9(3), 65-69. doi: 10.11648/

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Li Hui, Li Jing, Li Ruofan, Wang Dongkun. Design of DDS Multi-waveform Generator Based on CPLD. Softw Eng. 2021;9(3):65-69. doi: 10.11648/

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