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Demonstration of Integrated Fish Farming with Vegetables and Herb Production

Integrated fish farming is a successful and ideal approach for increased farm production and productivity of small scale farmers’ in developing countries. However, insufficient information is available in this area. More importantly, information on farmers’ feedback on these farming systems is scanty. Therefore, it is important to work on this issue so as to inform research target on local challenges and realize demonstrated farming systems to farmers’ context. This paper is aimed at assessing farmers’ feedback and perception of integrated fish farming taking insights from a model fish-vegetable-herb production system demonstrated at the National Fisheries and Aquatic Life Research Center. For this purpose, a sample of twelve farmers, who already started fish farming in South west Shewa zone of Oromia region were invited. The demonstration was researcher managed showing its operation on the ground. The demonstration includes non-integrated replica of vegetables grown to help participants observe the yield difference between vegetables grown using fish pond water and tap water. Mixed methods research was applied to study the demonstration results. Data collection tools used were mini structured questionnaire followed by a focus group discussion with farmers. Data Analysis was done using MS-Excel and NVivo Version-11. Kirkpatrick’s procedure of training evaluation was adapted for this purpose. In addition, thematic analysis was also applied. Simple descriptive statistics was also used. Result of the analysis on farmers’ feedback showed that they found the demonstration, effective, motivational and up to their expectations. They also perceived the benefits, challenges and solutions for successful implementation of integrated fish farm site. Finally, diversifying production of horticultural crops in integrated fish farming, sustainable input supply, appropriate design of integrated fish farming site with efficient water resource use were considered by farmers as important ingredients for establishing an integrated model fish farm site.

Demonstration, Integrated Fish Farming, Feedback, Perception

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Yared Mesfin. (2022). Demonstration of Integrated Fish Farming with Vegetables and Herb Production. Research & Development, 3(1), 52-58.

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Yared Mesfin. Demonstration of Integrated Fish Farming with Vegetables and Herb Production. Res. Dev. 2022, 3(1), 52-58. doi: 10.11648/j.rd.20220301.19

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Yared Mesfin. Demonstration of Integrated Fish Farming with Vegetables and Herb Production. Res Dev. 2022;3(1):52-58. doi: 10.11648/j.rd.20220301.19

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