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Role of Operation Management in This Era of Globalization

Operation management is the important part of our life. Operation management provides the guidance how the operation is developed operation management is vital for the professional who are in the various sectors like construction engineering and other professionals. In these days operation management studies are conducted by various institutes. In these days students are doing the operation management course on the massive level. In these days the operation management qualifications on the Masters levels and on the PhD level. Many research papers are written by the PhD holders and researches on operation management important. All the researches proved the important of operation management. Many PhD thesis researches are available on the Google citations, when we review the operation management constants we will find that various solids topics. Operation, Management System operation management maintain the operation how the project is completed. Operation management system provide the monitoring rules regarding the complete of job. In various part of operation management play the dynamic role in the country devlopment. In industrial countries like Japan, USA, Canada operation management protocols are fellowed, that is why the development of infrastructure is completed according to the standers. In the Japan the operation management play the dynamic role in the country development. In Japan the just in system is very famous. Just in system Purpose to facilite the people in the mobilization of resources.

Operation, Management, Resource

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Iqbal Shaukat. (2022). Role of Operation Management in This Era of Globalization. Research & Development, 3(1), 18-22.

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Iqbal Shaukat. Role of Operation Management in This Era of Globalization. Res. Dev. 2022, 3(1), 18-22. doi: 10.11648/j.rd.20220301.14

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Iqbal Shaukat. Role of Operation Management in This Era of Globalization. Res Dev. 2022;3(1):18-22. doi: 10.11648/j.rd.20220301.14

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