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Article Review on Histopathologic Features of Placenta and Adverse Outcome in Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Positive

Introduction: The placenta is the highly specialized organ of pregnancy that supports the normal growth and development of the fetus. During intrauterine fetal life placenta is the main metabolic, respiratory, excretory, and endocrine organ. Histologic features of normal placenta are differing according to the trimester of pregnancy. COVID-19 infection affects placenta and fetal membrane. Pregnant women with COVID-19 positive result in placental hyperfusion defects in maternal vessels and oxygenation in the intervillous space affecting perinatal outcome. Methods: Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, cross sectional and cohort studies were obtained through searches on PubMed, Medline, Science Direct, Google Scholar, library genesis, Scopus and Web of Science. Key words used for searching are “placenta”, “COVID-19”, “placenta development”, and “placenta histopathology”. Result: Total of 16 articles were included in this review. Many articles are reviewed whether the COVID-19 affects placenta histology and pregnancy adverse outcome in intrauterine life. Finally article which fulfills inclusion criteria are identified and reviewed. Review indicated that histopathologic features of placenta and adverse pregnancy outcome in COVID-19 confirmed pregnant women briefly. Conclusion: COVID-19 affects the placenta during pregnancy. Histopathologic findings of placenta in pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19 positive are fibrin deposition, micro classification, thrombus, avascular villi, infraction, and villous edema. Most common pregnancy adverse outcome are preterm birth, miscarriage and still birth.

Used for Searching Are “Placenta”, “COVID-19”, “Placenta Development”, “COVID-19 on Pregnancy”, “Placenta Histopathology”

APA Style

Gutu Belay. (2023). Article Review on Histopathologic Features of Placenta and Adverse Outcome in Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Positive. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 7(1), 4-11.

ACS Style

Gutu Belay. Article Review on Histopathologic Features of Placenta and Adverse Outcome in Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Positive. Pathol. Lab. Med. 2023, 7(1), 4-11. doi: 10.11648/j.plm.20230701.12

AMA Style

Gutu Belay. Article Review on Histopathologic Features of Placenta and Adverse Outcome in Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Positive. Pathol Lab Med. 2023;7(1):4-11. doi: 10.11648/j.plm.20230701.12

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