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Hacking an Aircraft: Hacking the In-flight Entertainment System

When it comes to systems that rely on computers and communications, we describe security as the prevention of intentional and, to a large extent, unintentional misuse that could compromise desired system behavior. In the context of existing safety, development, and certification, this study provides a practical understanding of how cyber security effects airplane computer system architecture. There's more to aviation than planes. It is backed up by the necessary ground infrastructure and equipment, as well as a large-scale computer network. Operations using computer networks to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information housed in computers and computer networks, or the machines and networks themselves, are known as virtual attacks against the computer network. This paper discusses some of the most important security concerns that occur when it comes to aviation safety and reliability. We believe that many of the past accidents may have been perpetrated deliberately, and that some of them could be replicated maliciously now. We begin by looking at common security weaknesses and threats in aviation and its supporting infrastructure, as well as recalling some prior occurrences. Then we analyze what catastrophes are probable, if not inevitable, and what we might do in response.

Aviation, Information Security, Cyber Attack

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Eman Ali Metwally, Haytham Tarek Mohammed. (2022). Hacking an Aircraft: Hacking the In-flight Entertainment System. Advances in Networks, 10(1), 7-14.

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Eman Ali Metwally; Haytham Tarek Mohammed. Hacking an Aircraft: Hacking the In-flight Entertainment System. Adv. Netw. 2022, 10(1), 7-14. doi: 10.11648/

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Eman Ali Metwally, Haytham Tarek Mohammed. Hacking an Aircraft: Hacking the In-flight Entertainment System. Adv Netw. 2022;10(1):7-14. doi: 10.11648/

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