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Ubiquitous Computing with Radio Frequency IDentification Tags

Ubiquitous computing is seen as a promising and revolutionary technological path. The goal of promoting marketable innovations and applications is addressed through intense research and developmental activities and policy strategies. This article discusses the state-of-the-art approach of the use case and the drawbacks of identification tags for radio frequency. Radio Frequency IDentification or RFID technology is a growing trend among separate automated technologies for identification. RFIDs are used in construction, engineering, chemical, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and other public industries. The importance and various advantages of RFID in different industries are therefore sometimes different. In this paper, we have performed an extensive literature survey of its current applications and the security measures that can be taken to improve the system. The paper gives an extended model of possible RFID applications in the field of mass gathering and other related applications such as crowd management and stampede management. To manage or optimize the degree of mortality rate concerning the size of the crowd, the paper proposes algorithmic approaches that can be implemented to minimize the degree of mortality. At the end of the RFID applications, other suggested applications have also been provided. Apart from the current RFID security measures, some proposed security solutions such as Tag Data Security, Maintaining Reader Integrity, Personal Privacy, and Improved Hash Lock have also been provided.

DDOS, Digestive Tags, Bacon, EPC, Eavesdropper, Cryptanalysis, Randomized Hash Function

APA Style

Shabbir Hassan, Ahmad Raza Shibli, Rehan Raza. (2023). Ubiquitous Computing with Radio Frequency IDentification Tags. Mathematics and Computer Science, 8(3), 73-86.

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Shabbir Hassan; Ahmad Raza Shibli; Rehan Raza. Ubiquitous Computing with Radio Frequency IDentification Tags. Math. Comput. Sci. 2023, 8(3), 73-86. doi: 10.11648/j.mcs.20230803.12

AMA Style

Shabbir Hassan, Ahmad Raza Shibli, Rehan Raza. Ubiquitous Computing with Radio Frequency IDentification Tags. Math Comput Sci. 2023;8(3):73-86. doi: 10.11648/j.mcs.20230803.12

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