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Profile and Management of Surgical Emergencies at the Anaim Hospital in Kamsar (Guinea)

Introduction: In most African public hospitals, emergencies remain a frequent mode of admission. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiological profile and management of surgical emergencies at ANAIM hospital in Kamsar (Guinea). Patients and methods: this was a prospective descriptive study lasting six months (October 2021 to April 2022) in the general surgery department at ANAIM hospital in Kamsar, covering all patients admitted for emergency surgery in the surgery department during the study period. Results: During the six-month study period, surgical emergencies accounted for 16.92% (n=203) of all admissions (N=1200). The mean age of patients was 29.87%, with extremes of 1 and 85 years. The sex ratio was 2.38, with males predominating (70%). Housewives were the most affected (27.10%). Acute appendicitis (24.1%), limb fractures (16.3%), acute bowel obstruction (13.3%) and acute peritonitis (11.8%) were the more frequent emergencies. The morbidity consisted mainly of surgical site infection (14.3%) and incisional hernia (3.4%). The overall mortality was 8.9%. Conclusion: Surgical emergencies, dominated by infectious diseases and fractures, are a major concern at ANAIM hospital in Kamsar. Our data showed that show clearly that late management because of lack of emergency kits and experienced surgeons increases the risk of postoperative complications and death. Thus, supplying the hospital with emergency kits and resuscitation means could considerably improve the quality of care for these patients.

Surgical Emergencies, Epidemiology, Management, Anaim Hospital, Kamsar, Guinea

APA Style

Alsény Diallo, Naby Laye Youssouf Camara, Boubacar Barry, Mohamed Albert Diawara, Ansoumane Conde, et al. (2023). Profile and Management of Surgical Emergencies at the Anaim Hospital in Kamsar (Guinea). Journal of Surgery, 11(5), 103-106.

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Alsény Diallo; Naby Laye Youssouf Camara; Boubacar Barry; Mohamed Albert Diawara; Ansoumane Conde, et al. Profile and Management of Surgical Emergencies at the Anaim Hospital in Kamsar (Guinea). J. Surg. 2023, 11(5), 103-106. doi: 10.11648/j.js.20231105.13

AMA Style

Alsény Diallo, Naby Laye Youssouf Camara, Boubacar Barry, Mohamed Albert Diawara, Ansoumane Conde, et al. Profile and Management of Surgical Emergencies at the Anaim Hospital in Kamsar (Guinea). J Surg. 2023;11(5):103-106. doi: 10.11648/j.js.20231105.13

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