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Calibration of 3-Axis Low-Cost Magnetometer Using the Least Square Ellipsoid Fitting Algorithm

This paper presents a calibration method for low-cost 3-axis magnetometers using the least square ellipsoid fitting algorithm. The aim of the calibration process is to reduce noise and mitigate the effects of magnetic interferences and instrumentation errors, thereby enhancing the accuracy and reliability of magnetometer measurements. By collecting data while moving the sensor in arbitrary directions, the calibration parameters are estimated, including magnetic disturbances (soft iron and hard iron effects) and instrumental errors (scale factor, nonorthogonality, and bias). The measured data are modeled as a combination of these errors, and the calibration parameters are obtained by solving a quadratic form equation using the least square ellipsoid fitting algorithm. The results demonstrate that the proposed calibration method using the least square ellipsoid fitting algorithm provides a valuable contribution to the field of magnetometer calibration, with the calibrated data exhibiting a better fit to the surface of an ellipsoid compared to the original magnetometer data, indicating its effectiveness, achieving 90% accuracy in magnetometer calibration of module MPU-9250. The proposed calibration method offers several advantages, including its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the real-time capability of the algorithm makes it suitable for applications that require continuous calibration, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements over time. The integration of the calibration method into the intelligent IMU Sensor (IIS) further enhances its practicality and applicability in real-world scenarios.

Magnetometer Calibration, Magnetic Interferences, Instrumentation Errors, Ellipsoid Fitting

APA Style

Ali Shakerian, Saoussen Bilel, René Jr. Landry. (2023). Calibration of 3-Axis Low-Cost Magnetometer Using the Least Square Ellipsoid Fitting Algorithm. International Journal of Sensors and Sensor Networks, 11(1), 18-24.

ACS Style

Ali Shakerian; Saoussen Bilel; René Jr. Landry. Calibration of 3-Axis Low-Cost Magnetometer Using the Least Square Ellipsoid Fitting Algorithm. Int. J. Sens. Sens. Netw. 2023, 11(1), 18-24. doi: 10.11648/j.ijssn.20231101.13

AMA Style

Ali Shakerian, Saoussen Bilel, René Jr. Landry. Calibration of 3-Axis Low-Cost Magnetometer Using the Least Square Ellipsoid Fitting Algorithm. Int J Sens Sens Netw. 2023;11(1):18-24. doi: 10.11648/j.ijssn.20231101.13

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