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COVID-19 and Hepatitis a Coinfection: A Case Report

Elevated levels of liver enzymes have been identified as a common manifestation of coronavirus infection. However, it is essential to recognize that abnormal liver enzyme elevations in COVID-19 patients can also be attributed to acute hepatitis. This case report presents a clinical scenario involving a 61-year-old female patient who exhibited typical symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, nausea, anorexia, and abdominal pain. Initially, the suspicion was solely focused on COVID-19 infection. Nevertheless, subsequent investigation utilizing the acute hepatitis panel examination unveiled positive reactivity to HAV IgM, indicating a concomitant Hepatitis A virus coinfection. Throughout the course of hospitalization, the patient's clinical condition exhibited gradual improvement, leading to her discharge with an oxygen saturation level (Spo2%) exceeding 90%. Follow-up examinations conducted in the outpatient setting demonstrated the restoration of normal liver enzyme levels. This case serves as an exemplification of hepatitis coinfections, underscoring the diagnostic challenges associated with distinguishing between these two infectious conditions. It highlights the paramount importance of accurate diagnosis, preventive strategies, and optimal management approaches to effectively address such complex comorbidities. By recognizing the significance of precise diagnosis, comprehensive prevention, and appropriate management, healthcare professionals can navigate COVID-19 and hepatitis coinfections more effectively. This case report serves as a valuable reminder of the multifaceted nature of viral infections and underscores the need for a holistic approach to patient care when encountering overlapping symptomatology.

Co-infection, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Hepatitis, Liver

APA Style

Ali Mehri, Sepideh Hasanzadeh, Kiarash Ghazvini, Mahnaz Mozdurian. (2023). COVID-19 and Hepatitis a Coinfection: A Case Report. International Journal of Medical Case Reports, 2(3), 16-19.

ACS Style

Ali Mehri; Sepideh Hasanzadeh; Kiarash Ghazvini; Mahnaz Mozdurian. COVID-19 and Hepatitis a Coinfection: A Case Report. Int. J. Med. Case Rep. 2023, 2(3), 16-19. doi: 10.11648/j.ijmcr.20230203.11

AMA Style

Ali Mehri, Sepideh Hasanzadeh, Kiarash Ghazvini, Mahnaz Mozdurian. COVID-19 and Hepatitis a Coinfection: A Case Report. Int J Med Case Rep. 2023;2(3):16-19. doi: 10.11648/j.ijmcr.20230203.11

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