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Conflict and Social Inequalities in Yemen: An Increase in Inequality of Access to Primary Education

Children are the actors of the economic and social scene of tomorrow. They are, on the other hand, the section most exposed to danger in conflict environments. This article is intended to study the consequences of the armed conflict on social equality and in particular its impact on the right of access to education for Yemeni children. United Nations reports point to a high dropout rate among Yemeni children (UNISCO, 2021). It is thus a question of knowing the causes and demonstrating the direct impacts of the social conflict on the schooling of children in Yemeni society. To achieve this objective, we used a qualitative method, which consists of conducting interviews with 30 Yemeni families affected by the civil war. These families constitute our public, which includes 57 children between the age of (7-13 years). It is the legal age that corresponds to primary education. The results obtained from our survey showed a very fragile situation of childhood in Yemen. They also confirmed the figures and data quoted in the reports of the various UN organizations. So it is important, in order to protect the of children to access education, to call for an end to this conflict and rehabilitate the infrastructure of the education system; building, chairs, teachers, programs and textbooks, etc.

Yemen Society, Social Conflict, Social Inequalities, Yemen Child, Unequal Access to Education, Child Labor, Poverty

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Fares Al Ameri. (2023). Conflict and Social Inequalities in Yemen: An Increase in Inequality of Access to Primary Education. International Journal of European Studies, 7(1), 1-7.

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Fares Al Ameri. Conflict and Social Inequalities in Yemen: An Increase in Inequality of Access to Primary Education. Int. J. Eur. Stud. 2023, 7(1), 1-7. doi: 10.11648/j.ijes.20230701.11

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Fares Al Ameri. Conflict and Social Inequalities in Yemen: An Increase in Inequality of Access to Primary Education. Int J Eur Stud. 2023;7(1):1-7. doi: 10.11648/j.ijes.20230701.11

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