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Recent Come-Back of the Old Ideas, and Ideologies, Sustainability, COVID-19, Towards Green, and Healthy-Housing

This research focuses on the development of the new ideas and ideologies in housing problematic, urban planning in Europe and Türkiye since the last century. These ideas and ideologies previously were known as utopia or idealistic, are emerged in response to housing problem in the industrialization period. The ideologies played transformative role and profound impact in shaping of European society via architectural and urban development. These new ideas were first emerged in Europe, and later they transferred to worldwide and finally Türkiye through European architects and urbanists. Recently, due to changing dynamics in the cities in housing and urban planning, the old doctrines and discourses are come-back. Since the 1990s, the urban and housing plannings in the world has evolved in various paths like sustainability, green-design more recently, in the 2020s COVID-19 pandemic become a new planning milestone. After the recent pandemic the architects and urban planners, reconsidered the old ideologies, like E. Howard and B. W. Richardson. While this research focuses on the new world agenda urban and housing planning theories, it also presents how to use past ideologies still play key role in today's housing problem and urban planning. Therefore, in this research old ideologies and their evaluation and conceptual reflections on housing problematic today and in future in the Europe and Türkiye are examined. On conclusion, recently, we witnessed the come-back of the old ideologies and it is revealed that the origins of many housing models and typologies known today derived from originally old ideologies of Europe. These old ideas led to developing new housing models such as; CIAM style modern blocks, and apartments, and later E. Howards’s garden-city ideas become significant in Europe and worldwide. After the COVID-19, in search of a greener, airier lifestyle outside the cities E. Howard’s Garden city Welwyn, in England has been renewed. In Istanbul, derivatives of E. Howard’s Garden city model, first envisioned by H. Prost in the mid of the 20th century and recently B. W. Richardson’s Hygeia, as an old healthy-city housing concept come-back. The research revealed that like old planning ideologies and discourse housing models and typologies of the past are continue being inspiration for development of new and innovative housing models.

Architecture, Green-Design, Housing Problematic, Istanbul, Ideologies, Sustainability

APA Style

Hülya Coskun. (2023). Recent Come-Back of the Old Ideas, and Ideologies, Sustainability, COVID-19, Towards Green, and Healthy-Housing. International Journal of Architecture, Arts and Applications, 9(3), 81-92.

ACS Style

Hülya Coskun. Recent Come-Back of the Old Ideas, and Ideologies, Sustainability, COVID-19, Towards Green, and Healthy-Housing. Int. J. Archit. Arts Appl. 2023, 9(3), 81-92. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20230903.13

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Hülya Coskun. Recent Come-Back of the Old Ideas, and Ideologies, Sustainability, COVID-19, Towards Green, and Healthy-Housing. Int J Archit Arts Appl. 2023;9(3):81-92. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20230903.13

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