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On Adaptability Evaluation and Strategy Research of Historical Block

The concept of adaptability was originated from the “theory of evolution” of biology. Based on the concept of adaptability, there are some literature achievements in the relevant research of historical blocks in China, which are worth summarizing and carding certain existing literature. The adaptability evaluation of historical block is a method for evaluating the integrating degree between the existing environmental condition and the current production and living demand, used for comprehending the actual condition of objective environment. The research on adaptive renewal strategy of historical blocks often uses field research to summarize the renewal optimization strategy for specific regions, specific block types and specific building functions. Therefore, this paper summarizes and classifies the development direction of adaptability evaluation and protection and renewal strategies of historical blocks, summarizes the conventional research methods and steps, in order to help the future research related to the adaptability of historical blocks. The paper is composed of four parts, the first part introduces the concept of adaptability; the second part focuses on figuring out systematically the development direction of adaptability evaluation of historical block, and summarizing the research procedures and research methods of historical block’s adaptability evaluation;the third part focuses on summarizing and classifying the adaptability protection renewal strategy of historical block and introducing the common research methods; the last part describes the author's thoughts and suggestions.

Historical Block Adaptability, Evaluation Method, Renewal Strategy

APA Style

Yao Yunfang, Wu Guiningv. (2019). On Adaptability Evaluation and Strategy Research of Historical Block. International Journal of Architecture, Arts and Applications, 5(4), 113-118.

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Yao Yunfang; Wu Guiningv. On Adaptability Evaluation and Strategy Research of Historical Block. Int. J. Archit. Arts Appl. 2019, 5(4), 113-118. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20190504.14

AMA Style

Yao Yunfang, Wu Guiningv. On Adaptability Evaluation and Strategy Research of Historical Block. Int J Archit Arts Appl. 2019;5(4):113-118. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20190504.14

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