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Porch and Balcony in the Urban Landscape in the Painting of Safavid Period

This study is analysed on the porch and balcony in safavid period, their role in shape and urban landscape during the period with selection of certain image. The research method in this study is based on visual reasoning and data were collected through visit of museum sites and books. The aim of this research is analysis of balcony aesthetic elements in the painting of safavid period and obtaining the outlook of the image and landscape in which porch and balcony were depicted in architecture. The questions in this study are; The images during safavid period, porch and balcony are shown and in which part of the building are they shown? what role do the urban landscape have? porch and balcony were used for what purpose and their function? Did the painter have any ideas about the porch and balcony in his paintings? Balcony was found in the upstairs but porch and verandas were found in the ground floor or basement. From urban landscape beauty is seen in the architecture and this is shown in the architecture beauty. porch and balcony were used by owners to sit and relax, the result show that balcony and porch in this image is accordance with principle of discipline and taking into consideration the perspective are shown in the sample of the paintings, they are signs of importance and place of this part is in the exterior view in the Iranian architecture and generally manisfested in touch of nature and romance.

Porch, Miniature Paintings, Safavid Period, Urban Landscape

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Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei, Fereshteh Sharifi. (2017). Porch and Balcony in the Urban Landscape in the Painting of Safavid Period. International Journal of Architecture, Arts and Applications, 2(4), 20-25.

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Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei; Fereshteh Sharifi. Porch and Balcony in the Urban Landscape in the Painting of Safavid Period. Int. J. Archit. Arts Appl. 2017, 2(4), 20-25. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20160204.11

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Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei, Fereshteh Sharifi. Porch and Balcony in the Urban Landscape in the Painting of Safavid Period. Int J Archit Arts Appl. 2017;2(4):20-25. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaaa.20160204.11

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