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Force of Inertia as Sort of Interaction

The interaction of the temporal positions of a moving body with mass is now an experimental fact. Models of this interaction are easily determined by the assumption that time is an imaginary coordinate. As a result, the force of inertia can be presented together with other forces as a form of interaction of time positions - characteristic of any kind of movement. The result confirms the universality of Newton's third law, which served as an additional incentive for real work. In particular, with the gravitational interaction of the two bodies, each of them experiences the force determined by the work of interacting masses. According to Newton's third law, this force is confronted by the power of interaction of the temporal positions of each body. The general expressions of force of inertia in the case of rectangular accelerated movement and movement in the circumference are obtained, which leads to classical formulas in any interval of possible body speeds. These formulas are fully in line with modern relativistic laws, but are their natural development and a more complete description of nature. Important results of the study include the formal definition of the sign of the force of interaction. When considering a rectangular accelerated motion, subtracting the force of the interaction of the final moment of movement, occurring at a greater speed, from the force of the interaction of the initial moment (at a lower speed) leads to a negative sign of the resulting force. The proposed model allows to recognize as superfluous experiments to determine the equality of gravitational and inertial masses, as in both cases we are talking about the same mass, participating in different types of interaction.

Force of Inertia, Interaction of Time States, Wheeler Experiment

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Parfentev Nikolay Andreevich, Parfenteva Natalia Andreevna. (2021). Force of Inertia as Sort of Interaction. Engineering Mathematics, 5(2), 22-24.

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Parfentev Nikolay Andreevich; Parfenteva Natalia Andreevna. Force of Inertia as Sort of Interaction. Eng. Math. 2021, 5(2), 22-24. doi: 10.11648/j.engmath.20210502.12

AMA Style

Parfentev Nikolay Andreevich, Parfenteva Natalia Andreevna. Force of Inertia as Sort of Interaction. Eng Math. 2021;5(2):22-24. doi: 10.11648/j.engmath.20210502.12

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