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Research and Development of Drug Device Suitable for Pericoronitis Disinfection

Objective: To solve the problems of non-uniform spraying, easy puncture and difficult to reach wisdom teeth in the treatment of pericoronitis. Methods: The design of this device includes a probe, a working part, a holding part and a storage part, the probe is located in the horizontal direction of the working part, the storage part is located in the vertical direction of the working part, the probe is provided with a cavity, the probe comprises an integrated probe, a probe body and a socket seat, the cavity from the socket seat to the probe pipe diameter is gradually reduced, the working part includes a gun body, the gun body is provided with a buffer cavity. A cylindrical piston, a return spring, an outlet pipe and a handle, the end of the outlet pipe is a conical nozzle corresponding to the tube cavity, the cylindrical piston is provided with a sealing rubber ring, the cylindrical piston is driven by the press handle in the buffer cavity, the holding part is a connecting cover, the connecting cover is provided with a liquid inlet pipe through the center hole into the bottom of the liquid storage bottle. Results: The device is designed into a pistol shape body for easy hand-holding, and the probe head is designed into a ball shape, which has no trauma and good spraying effect. Through the cylindrical piston and the spring with a certain pressure to speed up the potion infiltration. Conclusion: This device can effectively solve the ease, efficiency and safety of pericoronitis medication.

Pericoronitis, Disinfect, Inflammation

APA Style

Xue-Jing Lin, Yong-Xin Chen, Ming-Jun Wang, Jie Zhou, Qing Yuan, et al. (2023). Research and Development of Drug Device Suitable for Pericoronitis Disinfection. European Journal of Preventive Medicine, 11(5), 72-74.

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Xue-Jing Lin; Yong-Xin Chen; Ming-Jun Wang; Jie Zhou; Qing Yuan, et al. Research and Development of Drug Device Suitable for Pericoronitis Disinfection. Eur. J. Prev. Med. 2023, 11(5), 72-74. doi: 10.11648/j.ejpm.20231105.12

AMA Style

Xue-Jing Lin, Yong-Xin Chen, Ming-Jun Wang, Jie Zhou, Qing Yuan, et al. Research and Development of Drug Device Suitable for Pericoronitis Disinfection. Eur J Prev Med. 2023;11(5):72-74. doi: 10.11648/j.ejpm.20231105.12

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