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Study on the Influence of Different Surface Vegetation Cover on Watershed Scale Microclimate Change

By comparing and observing the changes of microclimate indicators of different types of vegetation cover in the Hulu River Basin, this paper analyzed the changes of microclimate under different underlying surface conditions caused by vegetation cover and discussed the role and influence of fruit tree economic forest cover on watershed scale microclimate change. The results showed that the cover of fruit tree economic forest had the effects of cooling, temperature accumulation, moistening and reducing wind speed on the underlying surface of the basin to a certain extent, which was conducive to improving the microclimate of small watershed. The average daily temperature in the forest decreased by 0.1 ~ 3.0°C compared with the average air temperature in the open land outside the forest, and the regulating effect of fruit tree economic forest was higher than that of water conservation forest. The cumulative temperature effect made the daily maximum temperature in the forest higher than that in the open area outside the forest by 0.4 ~ 1.1°C. The humidification and moisturizing effect made the relative humidity of air in the forest increase by 3.2% ~ 11.1% compared with that outside the forest, and the average daily wind speed of air in the forest was 0.4m/s ~ 4.0m/s lower than that outside the forest.

Vegetation Cover, Watershed Scale, Microclimate Change, Impact

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Fu, W., Qiang, Z., Yan, S. X., Qian, H., He, Z., et al. (2023). Study on the Influence of Different Surface Vegetation Cover on Watershed Scale Microclimate Change. Earth Sciences, 12(6), 206-224.

ACS Style

Fu, W.; Qiang, Z.; Yan, S. X.; Qian, H.; He, Z., et al. Study on the Influence of Different Surface Vegetation Cover on Watershed Scale Microclimate Change. Earth Sci. 2023, 12(6), 206-224. doi: 10.11648/

AMA Style

Fu W, Qiang Z, Yan SX, Qian H, He Z, et al. Study on the Influence of Different Surface Vegetation Cover on Watershed Scale Microclimate Change. Earth Sci. 2023;12(6):206-224. doi: 10.11648/

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