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A Perspective Review on Online Food Shop Management System and Impacts on Business

The Online Food Ordering System presented in this article was created to address a unique market need by allowing small restaurants to provide their clients an online ordering option without having to invest enormous amounts of time and money in having specialized software made expressly for them. The system, which is very adaptable, enables restaurant personnel to effortlessly manage site material, most notably the menu, using a very user-friendly graphical interface. The website, which is the only component that clients see, is then dynamically generated depending on the current status of the system, so that any modifications made are reflected in real time. Once registered, visitors to the site may simply traverse this menu, add food items to their order, and designate delivery choices with just a few clicks, substantially simplifying the ordering process. Back at the restaurant, orders are quickly received and displayed in an easily understandable manner for efficient processing. The goal of this document is to offer detailed explanations of the system's architecture and implementation details, as well as descriptions of all available capabilities and future goals. Furthermore, user manuals and troubleshooting suggestions have been given for all three components to give the reader a comprehensive picture of the system's intended usual use scenarios.

Online Food System, Management System, Online Business, Wireless System

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Diptiben Ghelani, Tan Kian Hua. (2022). A Perspective Review on Online Food Shop Management System and Impacts on Business. Advances in Wireless Communications and Networks, 8(1), 7-14.

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Diptiben Ghelani; Tan Kian Hua. A Perspective Review on Online Food Shop Management System and Impacts on Business. Adv. Wirel. Commun. Netw. 2022, 8(1), 7-14. doi: 10.11648/j.awcn.20220801.12

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Diptiben Ghelani, Tan Kian Hua. A Perspective Review on Online Food Shop Management System and Impacts on Business. Adv Wirel Commun Netw. 2022;8(1):7-14. doi: 10.11648/j.awcn.20220801.12

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