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Assessment of Raw Cow’s Milk Quality in Kombolcha, Ethiopia

Milk is easily digestible with high biological value containing optimum proportion and balance of food. Regardless of ethnic group and religion, most people in the world consume cow milk. Cow milk as human food is nutritious and contains fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Documented information regarding cow milk quality in Kombolcha is scanty and very limited work has been undertaken so far. The aim of this research is to determine the quality of raw cow’s milk produced at small holder dairy farms operating in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. Cross-sectional study was applied and physicochemical quality and microbial load of milk has been investigated in laboratory. Milk samples were collected using simple random sampling method. For milk quality parameters, sixty raw milk samples were proportionally taken from dairy farms in four kebeles. Using Lactoscan physicochemical properties of milk samples were determined. Descriptive statistics was applied to analyze survey data using SPSS software. Both physicochemical and microbial data were analyzed by ANOVA of SAS. Specific gravity, total solids, fat, solids not fat, protein and total mineral are within the recommended range of Ethiopian standard. The microbial quality of raw cow milk produced in urban and peri-urban dairy farms of Kombolcha is poor and capacity building of dairy farmers and their employee seems paramount in the improvement of milk quality.

Coliform, Protein, Total Solid, Udder, Yeast and Mould

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Girma Birhanu, Mekonnen Yirga. (2023). Assessment of Raw Cow’s Milk Quality in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 11(5), 128-135.

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Girma Birhanu; Mekonnen Yirga. Assessment of Raw Cow’s Milk Quality in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. Anim. Vet. Sci. 2023, 11(5), 128-135. doi: 10.11648/j.avs.20231105.14

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Girma Birhanu, Mekonnen Yirga. Assessment of Raw Cow’s Milk Quality in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. Anim Vet Sci. 2023;11(5):128-135. doi: 10.11648/j.avs.20231105.14

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