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Yield Loss Assessment of Potato Late Blight Disease in Central Highland Parts of Ethiopia

Late blight of potato is the most economical disease which can result into crop failures if it is not properly managed early. So that, our objective was to update yield loss assessment on late blight disease of potato. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications with a total of 5 treatments. All fungicides significantly controlled the disease at both early and late stage of the crop in comparison to the unsprayed plot. The minimum 151.7 AUDPC was recorded on the tretement was sprayed by fungicide supper plus. The lowest next three treatements were spayed by Mancozeb, Zorphic, and Redomil, were resulted 320.8, 350, 408 AUDPC respectively. The control treatment (water sprayed) had the highest AUDPC (1131.7). The highest mean tuber yield (34.4t/ha) was obtained from fungicide Zorphic followed by the standard fungicide (Redomil) which gave (30 t ha-1) whereas the control treatment gave 5.7 t ha -1. The highest yield loss (72.9%) occurred in the unsprayed plots of cultivar Jalenie compared with Zorphic fungicide sprayed plots. Generally all disease and yield parameter indicate that among the four fungicides spray; Zorphic was the most effective followed by Redomil Gold, Supper plus and Mancozeb sprayed plots. Thus based on the performance of fungicides for the management of late blight, potato yield and yield components, Supper plus and zorphic deserve to be considered as an alternate fungicide to the widely used fungicide Mancozeb and Redomil, respectivelly in the country.

P. Infestans, Potato, Yield Loss

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Yitagesu Tadesse, Asela Kesho. (2023). Yield Loss Assessment of Potato Late Blight Disease in Central Highland Parts of Ethiopia. American Journal of Plant Biology, 8(3), 71-74.

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Yitagesu Tadesse; Asela Kesho. Yield Loss Assessment of Potato Late Blight Disease in Central Highland Parts of Ethiopia. Am. J. Plant Biol. 2023, 8(3), 71-74. doi: 10.11648/j.ajpb.20230803.14

AMA Style

Yitagesu Tadesse, Asela Kesho. Yield Loss Assessment of Potato Late Blight Disease in Central Highland Parts of Ethiopia. Am J Plant Biol. 2023;8(3):71-74. doi: 10.11648/j.ajpb.20230803.14

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