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Active Control of Shaft Torsional Vibration with a Dynamic Torque Actuator

Torsional vibration is one of the critical areas of shafting vibration. Multi-harmonic fluctuations from the output torque of an engine, propeller, or other power sources constitute the main source of torsional vibration of a shafting system, and stimulate other coupled vibrations. Torsional dampers have been the main coutermeasure to deal with torsional vibration. However, with the increasing requirements for vibration and noise reduction, such traditional method has exposed obvious shortcomings. People have been researching for new technological methods, but seem to be in lack of significant breakthroughs. We attempts to Innovatively propose an systematical solution by both software and hardware. This paper introduces a new method to address torsional vibrations of shafting systems based on line spectrum active control. A multi-body dynamic analysis model is used to reveal the coupling characteristics of torsional vibration and vibration in other directions. In addition, a new cross-coupled multi-channel line spectrum active control algorithm is proposed alongside a new type of torque actuator where the internal electromagnetic structure contains a rotating stator and rotor. These components are connected with springs, and the whole assembly can rotate with the shafting. The dynamic torque is issued according to the command of the active control system in order to suppress the torque fluctuation caused by the power sources, which in turn greatly reduces the torsional vibration of the shafting.

Torsional Vibration, Torque Fluctuation, Active Control Algorithm, Electromagnet, Torque Actuator, Multi-Body Dynamics, Vibrational Coupling

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Qing, L., Wen-kun, F., Jie, H., Jia-xin, D., Jiao, W. (2023). Active Control of Shaft Torsional Vibration with a Dynamic Torque Actuator. American Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, 8(5), 110-122.

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Qing, L.; Wen-kun, F.; Jie, H.; Jia-xin, D.; Jiao, W. Active Control of Shaft Torsional Vibration with a Dynamic Torque Actuator. Am. J. Mech. Ind. Eng. 2023, 8(5), 110-122. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmie.20230805.11

AMA Style

Qing L, Wen-kun F, Jie H, Jia-xin D, Jiao W. Active Control of Shaft Torsional Vibration with a Dynamic Torque Actuator. Am J Mech Ind Eng. 2023;8(5):110-122. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmie.20230805.11

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