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Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV-Positive Patients: A Growing Public Health Threat

Introduction: Tuberculosis (TB) is a pathology considered one of the main causes of death by single infectious agent, ranking just after HIV / AIDS. Indeed, its emergence and the difficulty of its treatment, especially in the resistant form, in patients with co-infection with other diseases immundéprimante as HIV. Observation 1: 31 years old presented with febrile headaches complicated by epileptic seizures. The MRI scan showed 3 cockeyed and multilocular lesions suggesting neuromeningeal tuberculosis. HIV serology came back positive and during the first line treatment he relapsed and the resistance test was positive. Observation 2: 45 progressive alteration of the state associated with signs of tuberculosis impregnation and a meningeal syndrome. BK in the CSF and in the sputum was positive and brain imaging allowed us to retain the diagnosis of a neuromeningeal tuberculosis. The patient was put on anti-bacillary ERIP k4 and a corticotherapy. The workup for co-infection was able to establish an HIV infection. After 3 weeks of anti-bacillary treatment, the patient had a bad evolution and the search for resistance came back positive. Observation 3: 25 years old, pulmonary tuberculosis manifested by a hemoptysis of small abundance associated with a deep alteration of the general state, 3 BK positive sputum, as well as the image of a tuberculous cavern on the thoracic CT. Bad evolution after 2 months of treatment of first worsening of symptoms neuro and systemic involvement the search for resistance came back positive. Discussion: Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a major global public health challenge. In this article, we present three cases of drug-resistant TB in HIV-coinfected patients, highlighting the emergence and increasing prevalence of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) strains worldwide. In order to control the spread of this dreaded disease, it is essential to improve treatment regimens, promote vaccination, educate affected patients, and promote adherence to treatment. conclusion: Diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis should be prompt and considered if there is a delay or lack of improvement with conventional tuberculosis treatment.

Tuberculosis, Co-infection, HIV, Drug Resistance, Mutations, Susceptibility, New Treatment Regimens, Prevention

APA Style

Safae Elfirdaous Fari, Maamar Mouna, Khibri Haja, Nisserine Jait, Youssra Moussadik, et al. (2023). Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV-Positive Patients: A Growing Public Health Threat. American Journal of Internal Medicine, 11(3), 55-59.

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Safae Elfirdaous Fari; Maamar Mouna; Khibri Haja; Nisserine Jait; Youssra Moussadik, et al. Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV-Positive Patients: A Growing Public Health Threat. Am. J. Intern. Med. 2023, 11(3), 55-59. doi: 10.11648/j.ajim.20231103.15

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Safae Elfirdaous Fari, Maamar Mouna, Khibri Haja, Nisserine Jait, Youssra Moussadik, et al. Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV-Positive Patients: A Growing Public Health Threat. Am J Intern Med. 2023;11(3):55-59. doi: 10.11648/j.ajim.20231103.15

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