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Research and Application of Integrated Sand and Water Control in Horizontal Well

The problem of sand and water coming out of the oil formation has been a difficult problem in horizontal wellsm, especially in unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs. Analysis of the current technology and application effects, sand and water control integration is an effective method to solve this problem. The article analyzes the main difficulties of integrated sand and water control technology, investigates the development and application of sand and water control technology, and selects integrating mechanical water control and gravel packing sand control. The principles, advantages, and disadvantages of Flow channel-controlled and floating disc type AICD water control valve are introduced. The water-oil pressure drop ratio parameter was used to evaluate the performance of different water control valve. At same times, a new type of integrated screen for water and sand control was designed. A horizontal well with water at the bottom of a sparse sandstone reservoir was used as a case study for the field application of integrated water and sand control technology. The integrated sand and water control technology was applied in an offshore horizontal well. Through the summary of the scheme design and construction process, the proposal of the integrated sand and water control scheme design is suggested. The application of this technology is expected to provide a reference for the design of sand and water control integration scheme.

Water Control and Sand Prevention Integration, Open-Hole Horizontal Well, Water Control Valve, Production Pressure Difference, AICD

APA Style

Du Weigang, Ji Peng, Li Ningbo, Yang Shuo, Xu Guoqiang. (2023). Research and Application of Integrated Sand and Water Control in Horizontal Well. American Journal of Energy Engineering, 11(3), 78-83.

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Du Weigang; Ji Peng; Li Ningbo; Yang Shuo; Xu Guoqiang. Research and Application of Integrated Sand and Water Control in Horizontal Well. Am. J. Energy Eng. 2023, 11(3), 78-83. doi: 10.11648/j.ajee.20231103.12

AMA Style

Du Weigang, Ji Peng, Li Ningbo, Yang Shuo, Xu Guoqiang. Research and Application of Integrated Sand and Water Control in Horizontal Well. Am J Energy Eng. 2023;11(3):78-83. doi: 10.11648/j.ajee.20231103.12

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