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Research on Characteristics and Technologies of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology has promoted the innovation of software development concepts, which also represents one of the advanced development trends of software development technology. Software engineers have advanced the traditional software development system to the next level. Cloud computing technology gives users access to files, software, and servers. Cloud computing providers store and process data in a location that’s separate from users. With the increase in internet users, more and more challenges arise in software development. Software development no longer faces a single demand for design. Software needs to be able to support the personalized content of a large number of users. In recent years, traditional software development is not meeting the requirements of users. This is where cloud computing can offer a solution at a low cost. Cloud computing technology combines with network access to build a corresponding data resource library, which has a very low management cost. It can enable massive data to be released quickly so that any user without professional knowledge can use cloud computing to process data more conveniently and quickly. At the same time, cloud computing technology also needs to be able to meet security challenges. In large-scale cluster deployment and access strategies, network security, data security, and other issues in software development technology also bring many new challenges. Studying advanced software development technologies in the cloud computing era from the perspective of software maintainers has brought new changes, new features, new capabilities, and new models in this field. We emphasize that the private clouds can be well adapted to the company's unique data requirements, using the company's existing hardware resources to build the cloud, which greatly reduces the company's overhead. One common feature is the possibility to use technology from everywhere. It is proven that cloud computing services enable users to access application services from any location using a variety of endpoints, often without control or knowledge of the exact division of these resource pools. However, it is possible to know in which administrative region or data center these resource pools are located. Through the research on advanced software development technology of cloud computing, this paper analyzes how cloud computing solves the problems of large-scale software architecture and cluster stability. The paper gives the corresponding strategy and scheme and expounds on the practical prospect of cloud computing technology in future software development and design.

Cloud Computing, Distributed, Virtualization, Large-Scale Computing Power, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Data Security, Network Security

APA Style

Liu Gang, Tuyatsetseg Badarch. (2023). Research on Characteristics and Technologies of Cloud Computing. American Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 6(1), 33-41.

ACS Style

Liu Gang; Tuyatsetseg Badarch. Research on Characteristics and Technologies of Cloud Computing. Am. J. Comput. Sci. Technol. 2023, 6(1), 33-41. doi: 10.11648/j.ajcst.20230601.15

AMA Style

Liu Gang, Tuyatsetseg Badarch. Research on Characteristics and Technologies of Cloud Computing. Am J Comput Sci Technol. 2023;6(1):33-41. doi: 10.11648/j.ajcst.20230601.15

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