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The Impact of Social Media on Small-Scale Businesses in Ghana: A Case of Fashion Brand Marketing and Promotion in Sunyani Municipality

Social media in the 21st century business environment has become a digital arena where people can share ideas about their businesses in general. However, it enhances communication and interaction among various individuals around the universe. The major concern that influenced the study has to do with the fact that, irrespective of the numerous benefits of social media in the fashion industry, there has been no evidence indicating the impact of social media on fashion businesses in the Sunyani municipality. The study seeks to evaluate the impact of social media on the small-scale fashion industries in the Sunyani Municipality. Specifically, it attempts to examine the impact of social media platforms on fashion brand marketing and promotion and assess the effective use of social media tools by the small-scale fashion industries. The study employed a qualitative research design where interviews were used as instrument for data collection. In view of this, the municipality was grouped into four zones, and five industries were selected from each zone to represent the sample size using a purposive sampling technique. The study reveals that social media has a positive impact on small-scale fashion industries when employed as marketing and promotional tools. The study underscores that small-scale fashion industry players understand effective ways of handling social media platforms. However, it is recommended that fashion designers adopt social media for communication and marketing purposes.

Social Media, Marketing, Fashion, Industry, Networking, Brand

APA Style

Opoku Moses, Baiden Sarah. (2023). The Impact of Social Media on Small-Scale Businesses in Ghana: A Case of Fashion Brand Marketing and Promotion in Sunyani Municipality. American Journal of Art and Design, 8(3), 82-86.

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Opoku Moses; Baiden Sarah. The Impact of Social Media on Small-Scale Businesses in Ghana: A Case of Fashion Brand Marketing and Promotion in Sunyani Municipality. Am. J. Art Des. 2023, 8(3), 82-86. doi: 10.11648/j.ajad.20230803.11

AMA Style

Opoku Moses, Baiden Sarah. The Impact of Social Media on Small-Scale Businesses in Ghana: A Case of Fashion Brand Marketing and Promotion in Sunyani Municipality. Am J Art Des. 2023;8(3):82-86. doi: 10.11648/j.ajad.20230803.11

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