International Journal of Science, Technology and Society

Special Issue

Geotechnical Stability Analysis for Infrastructure Development

  • Submission Deadline: 28 April 2024
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Ahmad Alkhdour
About This Special Issue
This Special Issue entitled “Geotechnical Stability Analysis for Infrastructure Development” aims to address significant geotechnical challenges in infrastructure by incorporating innovative and effective logical methodologies.
It provides a platform for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to share knowledge and promote a comprehensive understanding of non-traditional approaches for assessing and mitigating geotechnical risks
Key Focus Areas:
(1) Geotechnical stability assessment: Enhancing methods to accurately predict load capacity, safety factors, and stability of geostructures
(2) Soil variability: Evaluating the impact of natural and human-induced changes on geostructural stability and implementing mitigation measures for settlement, cavities, erosion, and environmental effects
(3) Foundation design: Analyzing engineering requirements for footings, slabs, and geotechnical structures, considering factors like loads, soil properties, environmental influences, and seismicity
(4) Weak soils: Addressing challenges related to settlement, cracking, and consolidation through precise soil evaluation, stability analysis, and suitable improvement techniques
(5) Water effects: Assessing the influence of water on geostructural stability, including increased soil weight and reduced bearing capacity
(6) Subgrade-related issues: Considering challenges associated with subgrade stability, including soil compaction, settlement, and soil-structure interaction
(7) Vibrations and earthquakes: Investigating the impact of vibrations and seismic events on geostructures and developing earthquake-resistant designs
(8) Maintenance of structures: Emphasizing the importance of regular maintenance, condition evaluation, defect identification, and preventive or corrective measures to ensure stability and safety
(9) The desired result is a group of published articles that rely on innovative and effective non-traditional methodologies
These articles will enable informed decision-making for long-term resilience and sustainability in infrastructure projects. The Special Issue fosters knowledge sharing among researchers, engineers, and practitioners, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of non-traditional approaches for assessing and mitigating geotechnical risks.
Researchers, engineers, and practitioners are invited to contribute to this Special Issue by submitting original research articles, case studies, and theoretical discussions. Together, we can advance the field of geotechnical stability and ensure the long-term resilience and sustainability of infrastructure.


  1. Geotechnical Sability
  2. Stability Analysisy
  3. Sustainable Infrastructure Developmentn
  4. Geotechnical Modeling
  5. Risk Quantification Methods
  6. Soil and Rock Mechanics
Lead Guest Editor
  • Ahmad Alkhdour

    Department of Civil Engineering, Al-Balqa Applied University, Al Salt, Jordan

Guest Editors
  • Omar Ahmad

    Department of Civil Engineering, Amman Arab University, Amman, Jordan

  • Oleksii Tiutkin

    Department of Construction, Architecture and Infrastructure, Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine

  • Yuriy Vynnykov

    Educational and Research Institute of Oil and Gas, National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”, Poltava, Ukraine